Revolutionairy change in safety

iLifeSavingRules®, is designed to Simplify, Standardise and Automate the implementation of the IOGP Life-Saving Rules. iLifeSavingRules® digitises the training, testing, team engagement process, certification and administration aspects of the Life-Saving Rules implementation. 

It supports a four-stage learning process driven by a top-down deployment, utilising a visual, “serious games”, based training method. The training is suitable for application independent of country, language and culture. The ability to deliver to both companies and (sub-)contractors in one integrated effort is essential to ensure no worker is excluded.

iLifeSavingRules® has a mixed delivery process utilising both company IT systems and employee devices (e.g. Smart phones). Individual competence testing is included as well. Continuous refreshing and enhancing the workers’ knowledge, “life-long” learning”, is a key feature of iLifeSavingRules®